Friday, March 14, 2014

Marcello's Eye Surgery

Thank you for all the condolences, prayers, and notes to our family with Manuel's passing. We have several pictures of Manuel that we would like to share with you and several status updates that had not made it to the blog that we will be posting shortly. We want to make sure that we have it all documented and validated before posting.

We have also received lots of inquiries about Marcello. To make the long story short, several weeks ago he tested positive for CMV( cytomegalovirus) and tested positive for MRSA(staph infection). The blood work he keeps getting continues to show that he has an infection. The Neonatalogist have run numerous tests, but cannot confirm the source.

On Tuesday the Neo's decided to get a spinal tap.  Unfortunately, they were unable to get it and decided to try again on Wednesday. They were able to get the spinal tap on Wednesday and on Thursday the results all came back negative. Praise God! On Thursday he had is usual eye exam for retinopathy for prematurity. The exam showed that he had ROP  stage 3 and would need surgery on Friday to correct this.

Today (Friday March 14, 2014), Marcello had the laser eye surgery. Pastor Currao was able to arrive prior to the surgery and we were able to pray over him before he was taken downstairs for surgery.  The surgery lasted about an hour and he was brought back into the NICU room. Dr Roberts came and talked to us after the surgery and said that he will be returning early next week to check on his eyes. We are here in the NICU with Marcello after his surgery and so far everything looks positive from the surgery. He is still intubated and are just waiting on him to tell us when to extubate.

This week has been so trying on our family with Manuel's passing and Marcello's continued medical condition. It is said that The Lord will never give you any trials that you cannot withstand. This week we feel as though we have walked the same path that Job had walked. As his father, I found myself questioning all that has happened, but I am comforted in knowing that he knew Jesus before his passing. The Lord has really been our strength this week.

We continue to lift Marcello up in prayer that The Lord will give the doctors an answer to what is troubling Marcello and that his eye surgery provides the correction needed to him so that he keeps his vision. Our hope is in The Lord.


  1. God bless your family. All things are possible through God who strengthens us.So many prayers are going up for your family.

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  3. My mom's eye surgery years ago repaired her retina. It was slowly peeling off, and they pinned it back in place. Her eye was filled with air, and she had to avoid traveling to higher or lower elevation for several months while she waited for natural fluid to replace the gas bubble left in her eye.

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