Sunday, March 16, 2014

Recovering from Surgery

Saturday March 15, 2014

Marcello Cristian
Marcello was placed on the conventional vent after his surgery. However, his blood gases were not looking good so he was moved to the Oscillator to make him more comfortable.  His chest x-Ray showed that his lungs were over inflated. It is thought that his tube was not in the right spot and after it was moved his blood gases began to look better. He really did not like his eye surgery. He is now getting two different drops in his eyes, an antibiotic and a steroid, which he also did not enjoy. His eyes are still swollen but he has been making attempts to open his eyes. His weight on Saturday he broke 4 lbs. but this is also due to him being a little swollen.

Sunday March 16, 2014

Last night, Marcello got an additional chest x-Ray that showed his lungs were much better. This morning, he continues to be on the Oscillator and they were able to get him down to room air. His hematocrit levels were low today so he was given a blood transfusion. His CRP this morning was 2.1 much better than 6.2 that he had been. This is good because it means his body is responding to the antibiotics. This afternoon Marcello's heart rate began to fluctuate low between 70 - 90 but his oxygen saturation remained good. We think this may be because he remains on the Oscillator vent. His weight was down 10 grams but still at 4 lb. 0 oz.

We pray that The Lord allows Marcello to recover and that any additional surgeries be kept to a minimum. We believe that The Lord has a plan for Marcello. We continue to pray for healing for Marcello and to us as we continue to miss Manuel.

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