Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manuel's Surgery

Friday January 24, 2014
Manuel After Surgery
We awoke to a call at 4 o'clock this morning from Dr. DeSanto informing us that a small bowl perforation had been found for Manuel and that Surgery would likely be needed to correct it. This was discovered because an x-ray was done because his belly was distended (meaning that his belly was larger than normal). The x-ray showed free air trapped between his organs.  
Dr. West (Pediatric Surgeon) had been called and she was on her way to the NICU to assess Manuel's condition. After having gone through this earlier with Marcello, this was the last call that we ever wanted to get for Manuel.
Daddy Feeding Marcello
Mommy and Daddy quickly awoke, dressed and rushed to the hospital.  Daddy called Pastor Currao and Pastor Lepley to let them know of the situation. We arrived to the hospital just before Dr. West and she explained that she was going to do a small incision on his right lower quad of his abdomen. A tube would be inserted to aid in the release of the trapped air.  
After discussing Manuel's condition, Mommy and Daddy consented to the surgery. The surgery was quick (about 20 minutes) and Dr. West came by to talk with us after she was complete. She explained that when she made the incision and opened the cavity to view the intestines that what was visible to her was pink and healthy. She said that the hole was small and anticipated that it may close on its own once the drain was removed.
They would continue to monitor the drain output for the next 10 days and an additional x-ray be performed to monitor the obstructed air. Pastor Currao and Pastor Lepley prayed over Manuel after his surgery was completed.
We are fortunate that Marcello remained stable today and allowed for Manuel to receive the medical attention he needed. Daddy was able to hold Marcello's feeding tube today. This was exciting for Daddy to do given all the circumstances with both Marcello and Manuel.
We give thanks to God for His guidance He provided the surgical team. We know that without Faith and Prayer that we would not have gotten this far with both Marcello and Manuel. We continue to pray for a positive outcome. And Give all the praise to God for our time we have with them.

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