Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Brother's Touch

Monday January 20, 2014
Macario and Mateo with Marcello
Mateo touching Marcello's Foot
Today we received word that the hospital was implementing flu precautions meaning that no outside visitors besides parents would be allowed in the NICU. The precautions would begin on Wednesday January 22. Therefore, we took the opportunity to bring Mateo and Macario for a visit with Marcello and Manuel. The boys were excited to be able to see their brothers as we had informed them that this would likely be the last time that they would be able to see them until after the hospital removes the restriction.

When the boy's arrived to the hospital, they washed, scrubbed, and put on their gowns. Mateo and Macario could not hold their excitement. They couldn't get in to the NICU fast enough.
Macario holding Marcello's Foot
Upon entering the NICU, they were allowed to visit with Marcello. During their visit, they were invited by Marcello's nurse to touch their brother for the first time. The boys (and Mommy and Daddy) were excited that they would be allowed this experience.

Mommy and Daddy had Mateo and Macario re-sanitize their hands before placing their hands into the incubator. The boys were nervous but excited, they were allowed to reach into the incubator and touch Marcello's foot.

Marcello laid there and allowed the boys to touch him. He kicked his foot every once in a while, but the boys, just loved it when Marcello kicked their hand.

Manuel holding Mateo's Finger

The boys then went to visit with Manuel. Since Manuel was a bit more stable than Marcello, Mateo and Macario were allowed to reach in and have Manuel hold onto their finger. Once Manuel got a hold of their finger, he gave Mateo and Marcello a gentle friendly grip.

Manuel holding Macario's Finger
It was surreal just to watch Mateo and Macario connect with Marcello and Manuel. Mateo and Macario were surprised at how soft their brothers skin was. We know that the boys will cherish this experience as it will be difficult for them not to be able to come to the NICU to visit with their brothers.

We give thanks to God for allowing the boys to connect. We are so thankful for our two little miracles and know that each day that we have with them is special. We are just so thankful that we as parents were able to share the moment with Mateo and Macario. We pray that God will continue to bless Marcello and Manuel with health. 

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