Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Thursday January 23, 2014

Mommy was treated to a surprise when she arrived to the NICU, as Marcello and Manuel had decorated for Mommy’s Birthday. A chest x-ray revealed that his lungs had appeared normal, meaning that his right lung no longer appeared hyper-inflated. Therefore, as an additional gift to Mommy, Manuel was extubated and placed on Vapotherm since he had remained stable long enough that. A slight whimper was heard from him when the tubing was removed. It was as if he was giving a sigh of relieve that his tubing had finally been removed.
Mommy holding Manuel

Manuel giving Mommy kisses
Marcello continues amaze us and remain stable since his extubation yesterday. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying being on Vapotherm and is a bit more vibrant than he has been the last few days. He continues to do well with his feedings and his stool output still appears good.

Manuel and Marcello gave Mommy an extra special surprise tonight, as she was able to hold each of them for about half an hour. Manuel was so cute because it appeared as if he was giving Mommy little kisses while Mommy was holding him. Marcello really loved being held by Mommy as his stats all stabilized within a few minutes of Mommy holding him.
Mommy holding Marcello

Mommy had lots of visitors today for her birthday, but they had to meet downstairs by the fireplace as they were not allowed into the NICU. She was visited by a few of her college friends and current coworkers. Daddy took Mommy out for her birthday and even managed to sneak in a surprise birthday card for her.

Marcello Cristian
We give thanks to God that Manuel and Marcello had such a stable day on Mommy's special day. We are so grateful that they have even made it this far to be able to spend time with Mommy on her birthday. Every day that we have with them is indeed a gift from God.


Mommy Holding Manuel
Mommy Holding Marcello

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