Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Making Progress

Tuesday January 21, 2014

Today, Manuel received an x-ray this morning to see how things were going around his belly. Small air pockets could be seen around his bowels but nothing too concerning was discovered since he had passed a large stool last night.  The neonatologists made the decision that they would continue to monitor the air and see if further action would be needed. Manuel was weaned from his antibiotics today and his vitals remained stable even after he was fully weened from the antibiotics.

Marcello received a visit from Dr Kokoska and Nancy (His Octomy Nurse). They were amazed at how his incision was healing. There were three visible areas of full skin connection that had not been present last time they had stopped. Overall, they felt that Marcello has been doing well with his healing and feel that if he continues to do good that he would be able to be extubated and be a candidate for Vapotherm.

Praise goers out to God for keeping Marcello and Manuel safe and in continued good health. We know that without placing our faith in him and relying only on man that we would not have the healing the twins are receiving from God.  We continue to pray for God to place His Hands of healing over them.

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