Monday, January 20, 2014

26 Weeks and Not Out of the Woods Yet

Wednesday January 15, 2014

Today was a stressful day for Mommy and Daddy as Marcello started to drop in his heart rate,desat in his oxygen intake,his white count was elevated, and was not acting like his feisty self this morning. Dr. Wareham (his Neonatologist), Dr. Kokoska (his Pediatric Surgeon), Dr. Belcher (his Infectious Disease doctor) and Amy (his Nurse Practitioner) along with their assistants came by to do a medical analysis of Marcello’s status.  They all decided to check a septic workup on him to check for infection.  

The decision was made to place him back on an Oscillator Ventilator to assist his with his breathing. Mommy and Daddy were a little concerned seeing all the medical teams around him and seeing the look of worry on their faces. They were all worried because there was no reason that he should be digressing as he had. We are praying that his body will heal of whatever is ailing him and that he gets better to the point that he can come back off the Oscillator.

Marcello was also ordered back on antibiotics and was given a blood transfusion because his blood reading did not come back with acceptable readings. Marcello seems a bit calmer this evening after having received the antibiotics and blood transfusion but still remains on the oscillator and will likely remain on it for a few days, or at least until his blood gasses come back and remain at acceptable readings.

Manuel was re-evaluated today and orders were placed to begin the process to remove him from the Jet Ventilator onto CPAP (only if the nose piece would fit). When he was fitted for the CPAP nose piece, it was discovered to be much too large for his little nostrils to handle. They decided to place orders to have him on the conventional ventilator until he has grown enough to fit the CPAP nose piece.

Pastor Lepley came by this evening to pray for the twins. We pray that God will reach down and help Marcello get past his ailment. We also pray that this is not bacterial as this could be bad for him. We continue to pray that God will allow them to one day come home.

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