Monday, January 6, 2014

A Nice Surprise

Sunday January 5, 2013
Manuel's board
Today when mommy and daddy arrived at the hospital, there was a surprise awaiting us. Nurse Karrie and Nurse Lauren had surprised us with decorating their little cubicles. They made cards with little heart shaped footprints and snowflakes, and had put their footprints and their birth dates in their little bibles.

Marcello's board
Daddy checking Manuel's temperature
Manuel continues to have a high urine output and he had an additional chest x-ray today. The results came back that his right lung was still hyper-expanded but that it was not worse than  it had been. Not the best news, but we will accept this as a small victory that he is not getting worse.  Tomorrow he has an additional head ultrasound and heart echo, so we pray that these come back with improving results.

While mommy and daddy were with Manuel, Marcello was getting checked by his nurse and his oxygen levels began to come down. Mommy walked over and began talking to him. As soon as mommy started talking to Marcello, his oxygen level began to go up and he stabilized. It's amazing how the sound of mommy's voice is so calming to them. They definitely know mommy and love it when mommy talks to them. Marcello had his umbilical line removed and was given a PICC line. He was so cute afterwards laying there holding the PICC in his hand.

Daddy finally felt comfortable enough to check Manuel's temperature. So nurse Lesli let daddy check his temperature tonight. Mommy did the diaper changes and held them tonight because daddy still is not comfortable enough to do it. Daddy might try to help with Manuel's diaper change and holding tomorrow, but is still not comfortable to touch Marcello yet because of his surgery.

God is working miracles with them and we continue to lift them up in prayer to God. Everyday we have with them is a gift from God. We pray that God will heal their little bodies so that they can grow up and be strong men of God. We pray that they can one day tell others of their journey and help others know of God and the power of prayer. We thank everyone for the continued prayers and place Marcello and Manuel in God's hands.
Marcello's Card
Manuel's Card


  1. We are praying for your little bundles of Joy! God does work wonders! God's blessings to all of your family.

  2. You are in our prayers still. So nice of nurses to decorate. Amazing how much those little thoughtful things mean.

  3. So many families in our neighborhood continue to pray for your family. God bless you all!
    The Clark family