Friday, January 10, 2014

25 Weeks

Wednesday January 8, 2014

Today Marcello and Manuel are 25 weeks gestation. We are privileged to have them with us still. Pastor Currao stopped by today to spend some time with mommy and pray over Marcello and Manuel. Afterwards, the wound ostomy nurse came to change Marcello's incision and was a little concerned about the look of the stoma so she made a call to Dr. Kokoska. Dr. Kokoska arrived to inspect Marcello's stoma and found that indeed the stoma had died. Dr Kokoska made the decision to scrap the dead portion of the stoma. He met with us afterwards and informed us that there was concern that the portion he had left behind might close shut or not function. It will be monitored over the next 24 hours to ensure that it was working properly. If there was no discharge, then there was not anything much more that he could do. Marcello was cleared for the PDA Ligation and is scheduled for it to occur in the morning. It is possible that the blood flow can improve around the stoma after the surgery helping to heal the stoma, but this is also dependant on how his body reacts to the surgery. Mommy and daddy are praying for the stoma to work. 

Manuel's white blood cell count continued to be high today, so he was not cleared for the PDA Ligation Surgery. He was started on antibiotics to help fight off the potential infection. He had an additional chest x-ray and the Nurse Practitioner thought that his right lung appeared more inflated than it had been before. The team is trying to lower the ventilator settings in attempt to minimize further damage to his right lung.

We continue to hold Marcello and Manuel in prayer. We know that with God anything is possible. We pray that the surgical team has the insight they need in order to have a positive outcome from the surgery. We also pray that Manuel's lung can be healed by God. We are so fortunate to have had another day with our twins and pray for more time with them.

Manuel Gabriel

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