Friday, January 3, 2014

A Mother and Father's Touch

Thursday January 2, 2014

Mommy Kissing Marcello

Daddy kissing Marcello
Marcello had to have his vent settings increased a little today and orders for a blood transfusion were made for him. Today he lost a significant amount of fluids and weighed 1 lb 1.5 oz. His evening nurse weighed him three times so we are not really sure if this is an accurate reading for him to lose that much in a day. His bilirubin readings came back today a bit elevated so he was placed back into phototherapy to help bring down his levels. 

Manuel's bilirubin readings came back within an acceptable range and so today he was able to come off phototherapy. He also lost a significant amount of weight and weighed in at 1 lb. We are also not sure if this is an accurate reading for his weight because this is a significant weight loss for a single day. He did receive platelets in the evening and continues to be stable in all his vital signs.
Mommy kissing Manuel
Daddy kissing Manuel

Mommy and daddy got a bit of a treat tonight as they were able to open the incubator and allowed us to give them both good night kisses. This was such an emotion experience for both of us to be able to see them from beyond the glass. We continue to lift them in prayer and thank the Lord that we had another day with our twins. We continue to pray that we are allotted many many more days, weeks, moths and even years with them, but also understand that this decision is with the Lord.

We are so thankful for the many prayers that are being said for their health and well-being. We continue our prayers that the Lord will continue to keep watch over them and aid in their progression. This will be a roller coaster and things can change in a heartbeat, so we take the good days and rejoice in them, and prepare ourselves for anything that could come down the road. We praise God that today we were able to give them goodnight kisses. 

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