Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waiting on Surgery

Monday January 13, 2014

Today Manuel has remained relatively stable. Dr. Belcher, the Infection doctor, is going to continue to monitor him an additional day before he will be comfortable clearing Manuel for surgery. He is scheduled to receive an additional echocardiogram of his heart in the morning to check the current state of his PDA. The results from the chest x-ray he had yesterday also came back today and it showed that his right lung looked a bit better.

Marcello received a visit from Nancy (his ostomy nurse) this morning. She cleaned him up a bit and changed his dressing and ostomy bag. Dr. Kokoska also stopped by in the afternoon to look over the his incision. Dr. Kokoska was pleased with how the incision was looking.

Pastor Daniel Lepley came by today to visit the twins. Pastor informed us that he had written another letter about the inspiration that he has received from Marcello and Manuel and provided us with a copy of the letter. A link to the letter can be found by clicking here or copying and pasting the following link into an Internet browser

We are touched that Marcello and Manuel have impacted so many lives and helped many with their relationship with God. We lift God in praise for the healing and comfort that He has provided to not only Marcello and Manuel but to us as his parents. We pray that Marcello and Manuel continue to improve so that one day they can come home.

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