Friday, January 10, 2014

A Quiet Day

Tuesday January 7, 2014
Marcello Cristian
Today Marcello received a visit from Nancy, his wound specialist. She was able to look over his incision and clean it up a bit. She applied some specialized wound gel that will allow the incision to remain moist and aid in the healing process of the wound. She provided insight on the best way to care for Marcello's ostomy bag. The neonatologist was a bit worried about the look of the stoma, so he requested Dr. Kokoska to come inspect the stoma.
Manuel Gabriel
Manuel had a relatively stable day today, however his white blood cell count was up a little so they will monitor to see if he will need antibiotics. He continues to remain on both the conventional and the Jet ventilators.

This was our quiet day with both Marcello and Manuel. When we named them we were looking for names that significant meaning to them. When we came across Marcello Cristian we thought it was quite fitting because it actually means "Little Warrior of Christ". Manuel Gabriel's name means "God with us" and "Strong Man of God".  So far they have each proven their names to us several times and continue to fight to stay with us.

We are grateful to God that we have them in our lives, even with all the challenges they provide us. Our love for them is so great we continue to lift them up to God in prayer that God can continue to bless them with health and well-being.

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