Friday, January 10, 2014

A Good Day

Monday January 6, 2014

We entered into the NICU this morning to great news. Marcello had been doing so well with his oxygen levels that they removed the Jet Ventilator from him and now is only on the conventional ventilator.

Manuel had a chest X-ray and it came back with no change to the right lung. He also peed this morning and the nurses were happy to see that. Manuel received his PICC line today and the remaining umbilical lines were removed today.

Today both Marcello and Manuel had cranial ultrasounds done today to ensure that there was no cranial hemorrhaging. We met with the Neoonatologist about the results and she explained that they have what is considered to be a grade 2 hemorrhage. This level of hemorrhage is considered to be acceptable (1-2 grade infants can grow out of it with little to no harm to them. 3-4 grade is more concerning and potentially fatal).

They also had echocardiograms done on their hearts and this confirmed that they each had large PDA's. They looking to have surgery some time this week to correct the PDA's.

Overall the neonatologists and nurse practitioners are happy with their progression and are just going to continue to monitor Manuel's lung.

Today daddy took Manuel's temperature, changed his diaper, and held him for the first time.It was a touching moment for daddy as he could feel just how fragile Manuel's little body is. This was as much enjoyable as it was emotional for daddy as he was able to bond with Manuel. Mommy was able to get the moment on video and we have it down below to share the moment.

We continue to be thankful to God that we have been afforded another day with them and continue to pray that He affords us many many more days.
Daddy holding Manuel

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