Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 3

Monday December 30, 2013

Marcello Cristian
Manuel Gabriel
Marcello began getting his fluids restricted to help with the improvement of his PDA. He weighed 1 lb 4.375 oz today and his billiruben came back within normal range so they removed the phototherapy light. Late today the transition to the Jet was completed so now he is on the Jet Ventilation. They will continue to monitor and look for signs of closure between the heart chambers. If the valve does not close on it's own then we will be discussing the need for surgery.  We continue to pray that he continues with his healing and that no surgery will be required.

Overall today was a calm day for Manuel. He weighed 1 lb. 4 oz. and had a good urine today. His biliruben came back a little high today so he was placed back under phototherapy to help manage it. Their paternal grandparents (Abuelito and Abuelita Mendez) had to head back north today and a few of Jodi's co-workers stopped by for a visit. We continue lift them in prayer and give praises to the Lord for all the miracles that he has provided them so far.  This will be a long journey and we will have many more nights and days by their bedside but we are so grateful to have another day with them.

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