Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day 4

Tuesday December 31, 2013

Marcello's Message Board
Marcello began the day with a blood transfusion and he also received platelets.  He continues to be monitored for the PDA and so far the hole between the chambers still remains. This may take a few days to resolve but so far no one is speaking of surgery at the moment.  Today Marcello weighed 1 lb 4.5 oz  and his belirubin came back a little high and he was placed back on phototherapy treatment. He remains remarkably stable for how preterm he is.
Manuel's Message Board

Manuel also began his day with a blood transfusion. (It's so funny how they seem to be competing with each other and are mimicking each other in their development.) His bilirubin reading came back and he was back within an acceptable range and was able to have the phototherapy treatment taken off for today. His weight came back with no changes, so he remains at 1 lb 4 oz. 

Today they had a visit from Mommy's best friend Jenny. Pastor Currao came back for a pastoral visit and together we said a prayer of praise and thanksgiving.  We continue to pray for their progression and thank the Lord that we were able to spend another day with them.


  1. We're all praying for you guys here at IUHB!!!!

  2. Thank you. We appreciate your prayers.

  3. So glad to follow through your updates. Take care of both of you. It is an extremely stressful time, and try to use any opportunity you may squeeze out of your busy lives to get some rest. I know how exhausted you must be and with rest, it does help your mind deal with and understand all that is going on. We have you, your family, and the twins in our prayers. Becky and Wes Whitler

  4. Jodi and Sal,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Ryan, Molly, Austin & Tyler