Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Good Weekend for the Twins

Saturday January 11, 2014 and Sunday January 12, 2014


Macario and Mateo with Manuel
On Saturday, Manuel had a follow-up chest x-ray and his right lung continues to improve. Infectious disease came by and still did not feel comfortable enough to clear Manuel for surgery because his white blood cell count remains elevated. Ideally they want his white blood cell count to come down and remain down for at least 48 hours before they will clear him. If they were to go into surgery with a high white blood cell count, he could run a high risk of infection around the site of the surgery and understandably this is what we want to avoid especially around the heart.

Macario with Marcello

Mateo with Marcello
Manuel received a blood transfusion today and continues to remain stable with his vitals that are being monitored and has improved with his weight, weighing 1 lb 4 oz today. We thank the Lord that his right lung has continued to improve and pray that his white blood cell count comes down so that he can have the PDA Ligation that he desperately needs. 

Marcello remains stable and appears to be doing good in color after his PDA Ligation. He was given a blood transfusion today because his hematocrit was a little low. His incision is healing remarkably  and we could see some meconium poop in his ostomy bag. Yea his stoma is working! 

The twins got a special visit today by their big brothers. Mateo and Macario were excited to gown up and visit them.  They first stopped by Marcello and visited for a while. Marcello lifted his little hand as if he was waiving hello to his brothers. Manuel was sleeping and would wiggle his toes every so often at his brothers.  Mateo and Macario enjoyed their time that they have with their brothers.


A Few Get Well Wishes for the Twins
On Sunday, the boys remained stable and had the quietest day so far. We are thankful that God blessed them with a quiet weekend and allowed that their little bodies can heal. All the prayers that are being lifted up to God for our little Marcello and Manuel are being heard.

A Few Get Well Wishes for the Twins
We are thankful to all that continue to keep them in prayer and especially to God for allowing us time with our sons. We pray for healing and strength for marcello and Manuel.  We also send a special prayer up for Mateo, Macario, and Marquez that God continues to provide for thier needs.

We pray that God will allow Marcello and Manuel to grow into men so that they can continue their witness of how God has touched thier lives and worked miricles in them.

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