Saturday, January 18, 2014

One Eye Open

Tuesday January 14, 2014

Manuel's first feeding
Manuel’s x-ray results came back and his right lung is looking stable. They did find that he has developed a small hernia and will add that to the items they are currently monitoring for him. They have started to wean Manuel’s ventilator settings and are considering taking him off the Jet Ventilator in the next couple of days.

GOOD NEWS! Manuel received his follow-up echocardiogram this afternoon and it showed that his PDA appeared to be smaller. We will see if it closes on its own. So this means that he might not require the Ligation Surgery – Alleluia! Praise the Lord!

He is doing so well that at 8PM today Mommy was able to assist with his first feeding. Manuel actually is feeding on the colostrum that was saved from Mommy soon after they were born. This will help him get the nourishment that his little body needs and should help him to also start to gain some weight. It was an emotional and exciting moment for Mommy to be able to hold the syringe and tube for his feeding.

Marcello’s respiratory status looked good that the Neonatologists and Nurse Practitioner are considering taking him off ventilation.  Dr. Kokoska came by today because Marcello had leaked a little of his ostomy bag and was a little worried about the stool infecting the incision.

Marcello with his left eye open
He will continue to monitor Marcello to ensure the incision does not get infected and that the stool remains in the bag. He has remained stable in all of his other stats that the Doctors have allowed him to be taken off his antibiotics late this evening

Marcello surprised Mommy before she left and opened his left eye! Mommy was surprised that he actually had it opened and was checking out his surroundings.

On the way home, Mommy heard a song on Klove written by Hillsong United entitled Oceans (Where my feet may fail) that just spoke to her heart. She shared this with Daddy and when Daddy listened to it, he felt that the song had so fittingly put in lyric the feelings that we have had along this journey with Marcello and Manuel.

We continue to thank God for all the Miracles that we are allowed to witness through Manuel and Marcello.  Each day we have with them is a gift from God and we cherish our time with them.

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